About Bad Dog Bakery.

Our mission is to create the baddest organic & gluten free dog treats.

 From our Favourite Taste testers.

"Hunter had the honor to be Bad Dog Bakery's first taste tester. What a lucky dog he is. All treats went down quickly and with a lot of enthusiasm. Hunter seriously goes nuts for the pumpkin cupcakes. When we open the canister he will be next to you in a heartbeat doing all his tricks at once!!. Ever seen a paw high five performed lying on one side? Best thing ever! Great thing is that it is all healthy as well so I don't worry about spoiling him a bit more. Great Treats.. our new favourites."
- Sjoerd Hendriks.
Charlie eats anything, but but she'll literally DO anything for any of the Bad Dog Bakery goodies! Whether it's the peanut butter, the cupcakes or the cookies, even the dog can taste the love with which they are made. Nothing gives a bigger smile to us then to see her enjoy all of it!"
- Dennis van den Broek

Meet the Bad Dog Team

Tiffany Vongerichten

That's me, I'm the founder and baker. My passion comes from my father, who taught himself to cook and then moved on to becoming a baker; he is my inspiration and was my best friend. Growing up we always had at least 2 dogs and 2 cats at all times, the fish came and went depending on when the cats would get to them. Dad made all the food and treats for the dogs which of course made for healthier happier dogs. 

My focus is to make homemade really delicious organic gluten free tasty treats. Our dogs are family and should be eating as healthy as we do. All my treats have, no sugars, preservatives, salts or additives. 

Marco van der Louw 

Your go to guy while I am busy baking your pups tasty healthy treats.  While he never had the experiences of growing up with dogs and cats as a kid he has always longed for a dog companion. Montana started teaching him the rules when I brought her home from the US at 12 weeks old. Being an avid road cyclist gives him the endurance to keep with her.

 Montana co-owner, taste tester and bad dog..                            

She is our wickedly funny American Pitbull from Against the winds kennels in Three Forks Montana. 

I went to Montana to bring her home November 2013 when she was 11 weeks old.  She has been having a great time learning the dutch way of biking everywhere, catching crows from the sky, sleeping on my pillow.. and of course demanding a taste of what I am baking on any given day. She also derives great pleasure in teaching Marco the ways of being a perfect Bad Dog.